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Stephen J. Stepenuck, Jr.



Professor Emeritus
Physical/ Analytical Chemistry

P.O. Box 101, West Swanzey, NH

B.S. Merrimack College
M.S. College of the Holy Cross
Ph.D. University of New Hampshire

At Keene State College 1971-2003

Courses Taught (1971-2003)
General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Occupational Safety
and Health, Industrial Hygiene, Chemical Analysis of the Environment, Instrumental
Analysis, Introduction to Environmental Studies, ENST Seminar

Honors, Awards:

Keene State College Community Service Award [second recipient] October 2003.

Awarded Life Membership by the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers, June 2001.

“Tilt of the Beaker” award from the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers, 2002, for having established the organization's web site and listserv in 1997, and continuing as web manager and list owner.

"Award of Achievement" presented by the Monadnock Chapter of the Sierra Club for work with the River Watch program. 1990.

"Conservation Achievement Award," from the Cheshire County Conservation District, for the River Watch program. 1991.

"Distinguished Teacher Award," Keene State College Alumni Association, 1981.

President-elect, New England Association of Chemistry Teachers [NEACT], 1995--97;

President, New England Association of Chemistry Teachers, 1997-1999. Presided during centennial year of 1998.

Appointed Visiting Scholar, Department of Environmental Health, School of Public Health, Harvard University, Boston, Mass., 1993.

Papers/Lectures presented:

Approximately 100 off-campus presentations in the last ten years, centered on environmental and chemical health and safety issues, including OSHA 1910.120: Training for Personnel Entering Hazardous Waste Facilities, ... , many workshops designed to help teachers, elementary school "chemistry shows," etc.

For example:

“Real-Life Environmental Analytical Chemistry: Using Cases to Open a Course,” invited paper presented at the fourth annual National Conference on Teaching Science with Case Histories, University at Buffalo, October, 2002.

“Some Thoughts on Teaching Safety and Health,” invited paper in the on-line conference “Teaching Safety in High Schools, Colleges, and Universities,”

sponsored by the American Chemical Society's Committee on Computers in Chemical Education, Sept. 30—Nov. 21, 2002.

“Chemical Analysis of the Environment—A Course for Environmental Studies Majors,” presented at the Symposium on Teaching Environmental Chemical Analysis at the Undergraduate Level, American Chemical Society National Meeting, Boston, August 18—22, 2002.

“Teaching Environmental Chemical Analysis Using Case Histories and the Web,”

ACS -NERM [American Chemical Society, North East Regional Meeting], University of NH, Durham, NH; June 27, 2001.

Invited paper: "Chemical Analysis of the Environment," in the session "Teaching with Problem Solving and Case Histories; ACS -NERM [American Chemical Society, North East Regional Meeting], Clarkson Univ., June, 1999.

“Teaching Environmental Chemical Analysis,” New England Association of Chemistry Teachers, Annual Conference, Johnson State College, August, 1997.

Invited lecturer, National Youth Science Camp, Bartow, WV; presented lectures and “directed studies” [micro-research projects] in environmental chemistry, July 2001, June 1996, July 1995.

"Portable Instrumentation for Field Analyses," invited plenary lecture at the annual conference of the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers, Fairfield University, 1990. [Conference theme was instrumental analysis.]

" Some Environmental Consulting Case Histories," seminar to the graduate department of chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 1989.

Earth Week lecture presented to >300 students and faculty at Monadnock Regional High School, 1990.

"Chemical Hazards and Land Use Planning," invited lecture at the Lincoln-Filene Center for Public Affairs, Environmental Division, Tufts University, Medford, MA. 1990.

"Occupational Health Evaluations," before New England Analytical Chemists' Conference [NEAACC], April, 1979.

"Chemical Analysis of the Environment," NEAACC, 1980.

"Some Consulting Case Histories," NEAACC, 1982

"Dynamic Standards for Gas Analysis," NEAACC, 1984

"Why Not Real-Life Quant?" ACS 8th World Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, University of Connecticut, August, 1984.

Workshops presented:

Laboratory Safety workshop for teachers of NH School District SAU No. 29 [Keene], January 18, 2001.

“Careers in Chemistry,” Series of three workshops for middle school students, Londonderry; Feb. 2000.

Laboratory Safety Workshop for Teachers; UNH Continuing Education; November 1999.

Laboratory Safety Workshops for Teachers [series of two] for the Rochester School District. January, 1999.

Creator/instructor: "Basics of Chemistry for Safety and Health Personnel," presented 1--2x/yr for the Safety and Health Council of NH for over ten years.

Co-creator/instructor: "The OSHA Lab Standard for Chemistry Laboratories," mini-course for the Safety and Health Council of NH.

Instructor, New Hampshire Safety Council courses, "Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene," "Solvents," "Chemical Storage and Handling," "Hazardous Waste Workshop for the Small Generator," "Toxicology," etc.

Creator/Instructor Faculty Development Workshops for Science Teachers, mostly in safety-, environment-, energy-, etc. related topics

Workshop presenter for “HAZWOPER” employee training in regard to chemical hazards: flammability, reactivity, and toxicity--required by OSHA regulations for workers on Superfund sites and for emergency response teams in industrial firms using chemicals: Laidlaw Environmental Services, et al.

Workshop presenter for Associated Builders and Contractors, of New Hampshire and Vermont, Inc.: "Hazards of Flammable Liquids."

Workshop "Water-Related Environmental Chemistry," presented to water resources professional staff of the Rural Community Assistance Program's Northeast headquarters, Winchendon, MA.

Workshop "Water Chemistry: Things You Can Do with Your Students," annual conference of New England Vocational Agricultural Teachers Assn.

Workshop: “Fun Things to Do in Chemistry,” Winchester elem. school.

Creator/Instructor: Unique courses: "Chemical Analysis of the

Environment"[1972] and "Occupational Safety and Health," [1976] featuring
a) lab and field work, and b) industrial "internships."

For several years, an annual five-hour lecture series at University of New Hampshire, Durham Chemistry dept.: "Chemical Hazards in Laboratories."

Consultant to N.E. industries, colleges, school districts, towns

and Lake Associations on chemical, environmental, safety, and health matters.

Former president, vice-president, of Environmental Scientists, Inc., environmental consulting firm working on problems of air and water quality [mostly lake studies, health hazard evaluations, etc.], hazardous waste site management, energy storage systems, endangered species, etc.

Co-presenter of course for industrial chemists: "Trace Chemical and Element Analysis," Center for Professional Advancement, Brunswick, NJ, 1981.

Originator of one-day course: "Basics of Chemistry for the Industrial User," [safety-related chemistry] presented at various locations.

Lectures on hazardous waste and chemical safety for NH dept. of Education's professional update workshops for the state's high school teachers.

Lecture/demonstrations for elementary school children on environmental science, chemistry, etc.: St. Joseph's school [Keene], Hinsdale schools, Winchester Elementary School, Tots' Landing Day Care Center [Swanzey], Swanzey Lake Day Camp;

Presentations on chemistry careers to Londonderry, NH Middle School [1996,1997], Thayer High School, Winchester, NH [1997].


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"Chemical Health and Safety" column in the NEACT Journal , beginning Fall, 1990

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Dissertation: “Gamma Radiolysis of Solutions of Stannous Bromide” Univ. of New Hampshire, 1970.