Acadian Archives / Archives acadiennes
- University of Maine at Fort Kent.

- plays the music of the French in America, the reels, the chansons à repondre of the Québécois and Franco-Americans, and the waltzes and two-steps of the Cajuns of Louisiana. Donna Hébert's fiddling, songs and harmonies are blended with singer/guitarist/percussionist Josée Vachon, guitarist and singer Liza Constable, and Cajun accordionist and bass player Alan Bradbury. Chanterelle has performed in the US & Canada since 1993.

    Le Forum
- (Newspaper) Quarterly. Published by Le Centre Franco-Américain, Université du Maine.

    Franco-American Centre (Manchester, NH)
- The Mission of the Franco-American Centre is to preserve the rich heritage of our French communities. -- We promote History, Culture and Education with an understanding of their historic contributions, cultural and artistic expressions, both past and present. -- The Centre presents a wide variety of cultural programs, including exhibits which entertain, inform and astound the public. Visitors are greeted in the beautiful Beliveau Fine Arts Gallery. -- The Gallery showcases the talents of artists in all mediums.

    Franco-American Life and Culture: A Selected Bibliography
- Books in KSC's Mason Library, updated 10 March 2003.

    Franco-American Women's Institute
- The Franco-American Women's Institute is an organization in Maine, a group of women who gather together for the specific purpose of promoting ethnic women's voices. Many links to resources.

- Gateway to Franco-American genealogical societies located in United States.

    The Horrors of Libby Prison
- Excerpts from the book One Came Back/Un Revenant: A Franco-American Civil War Novel by Margaret Langford (Translator), Remi Tremblay.

    Jack Kerouac
- Materials by Kerouac in KSC's Mason Library and the Keene Public Library.

    Seconde Nation
- This Acadian genealogy web site is called "Seconde Nation" as the Acadians were the second group of people to establish themselves in North America.