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Video clips from interviews with

professionals in sports media.

Major League Baseball became the latest sports entity to create its own television channel. The MLB Network's headquarters are in Secaucus, New Jersey in the former home of MSNBC. -It's gorgeous!

 Major Leagues Baseball and several cable companies are partners in the ownership of MLB Network, insuring it clearance on cable systems all over.

   In 2009, I had the chance to visit the MLB Network and speak with Mary Beck, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Promotions.


When Alex Rodriguez finally admitted to using steroids, Bob Costas interviewed the reporter who broke the story, Selena Roberts.

 I was impressed with how the MLB Network faced this story head on.


MLB Tonight

 MLB Tonight is the prime time show that sets up the evening coverage on the MLB Network.

  On top of the state of the art studio from where the show originates, there's also Studio 42, where former major leaguers who are now on the MLB Network team can demonstrate the tricks of the trade.

"Extra Innings" is the premium service offered by MLB and your cable or satellite company that lets you see out of market games.

While folks in New England will be watching the Sox game, I can watch the Reds-Pirates or Dodgers-Giants.

It's valuable to someone like me, a National League fan in an American League region. And now, MLB offers that same subscription service online.


Technological determinism:

New media means new methods of delivery.









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