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Dr. Nanct Lory

Dr. Nancy Lory teaches courses in education, special education, and the integrative studies program at Keene State College.  She earned her B.A. degree in psychology with a minor in elementary education from Clark University, a master's degree in special education from Northeastern University, and a doctorate in education from George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University.

Professor Lory enjoys her work on curriculum for the Teacher Education Program so that undergraduates learn how to translate theory into practice.   She developed a hands-on project called the "Inclusive Lab School Simulation" for the Development, Exceptionality, & Learning course.  Students work in small groups and plan for a "class" of twenty students with diverse background and abilities.

Professor Lory has a strong interest in bringing real stories to prospective teachers so that they are better prepared to respond to the diverse needs of students and their families.  After 15 years of reading and collecting life story books, Dr. Lory wrote a manuscript, Life Story Books: Windows into the Lives of Yours Students & Their Families.


She has participated in the pilot program of the new Integrative Studies Program and has taught a Thinking & Writing course with a theme on disabilities.  Dr. Lory was a founding member of the Women's Studies minor program and has taught courses in the program.

Dr. Dottie Bauer. Dr. Susan Theberge, and Dr. Lory who are faculty in the Education Department created the Diverse Voices from the Field Project to bring guest speakers to campus who can provide multiple perspectives on students and families.


In addition to college responsibilities, Professor Lory served the community in her role of a Court Appointed Special Advocate-Guardian ad Litem for children who have been abused or neglected.  CASA is a national program designed to be a voice for children in the court system.


During sabbatical leaves devoted to research, Professor Lory has worked with Head Start, the Educational Development Center (EDC), and Florentine Films.











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