Professor Nancy Lory
Favorite Links


These links provide a wealth of information and perspectives on children, youth, learning differences, and current issues in education.

The Council for Exceptional Children is a national organization for professionals in the field of special education.   The KSC Teacher Education Program is accredited by CEC and follows the CEC standards for preparing special education teachers.


The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development offers a site where anyone can sign up for a free daily e-mail newletter about current events in education.

The History of Education and Special Education are important foundations for prospective teachers.


NICHCY and The Ragged Edge provide an understanding of current issues in disability rights for children and adults.  New laws and case laws that interpret the laws passed by Congress are featured on the WrightsLaw website.


Teachers must be experts on the complex process of learning and  teaching.  Brain research offers a inside view into the workings of the mind.

My philosophy is that our KSC graduates must be prepared to be the teachers of all children.  Everyone should say, "I am interested and able to work with students with special needs."  Reclaiming Youth and the Responsive Classroom address the social and emotional needs of children and youth. CASA is a national organization for volunteers who work as Court  Appointed Special Advocates on behalf of children who are abused and neglected.



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