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Denise M. Junge

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Denise M. Junge
Associate Professor: Organic Chemistry
Office: S-226
Phone: 603-358-2907

B.S. Hofstra University

Ph.D. University of Connecticut

At Keene State College since 2000

Courses (2009-2010)
General Chemistry I (INChem 111)
Biochemistry (Chem 375)
Organic Chemistry II (Chem 222)
Organic Chemistry III (Chem 321)
Lab Teaching Practicum (Chem 481)
Chemistry Seminar (Chem 495)

Research Interests
Volatile organic compounds (VOC's) are commonly used as solvents for industrial chemical reactions. Recently, ionic liquids have been emerging as novel replacements to VOC's due to their unique properties. Ionic liquids are liquids comprised entirely of ions that are environmentally benign, non-volatile, non-flammable, and inexpensive to manufacture. This project involves the synthesis of dendrimers that have ionic liquid properties. These systems may have a dramatic impact on the development of “green” chemical processes. By incorporating ionic liquid moieties into dendritic systems, the potential exists to design a new class of macromolecules capable of catalyzing various organic reactions.

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