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James R. Kraly

Assistant Professor: Analytical Chemistry
Office: S-230
Phone: 603-358-2849

B.S., Bucknell University

Ph.D., University of Washington

Post Doc., Colorado State University

At Keene State College since 2009

Courses (2009-2010)
General Chemistry I & II (INChem 111, Chem 112)
Quantitative Analysis, (Chem 251)

Research Interests

Professor Kraly’s research is focused on the use of capillary electrophoresis methods for the separation and detection of relevant biomolecules. Current projects include the isolation and separation of secondary metabolites and accumulated pollutants from lichen species, in an effort to use lichen as bioindicators of environmental change. Participating students will gain hands-on experience with modern instrumentation for bioanalytical applications, and also learn skills for method development and data analysis.

PUBLICATIONS: (2003-2009)

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