Donna M. Viveiros

Curriculum Vitae


Rank/Title :                 Professor of Psychology


Office :                         Rhodes Hall S235

                                    Keene State College                             

                                    Keene, NH 03435-3400



Ph.D., Learning and Memory, Purdue University, August, 1987

M.S., Experimental Psychology, Purdue University, May, 1979          

B.A., Psychology, With High Distinction, Southeastern Massachusetts, University, June, 197

Teaching Specialization

Learning & Memory, Motivation, Statistics and Research Design


Professional Experience              

    Keene State College, 229 Main St., Keene, NH 03435

                  Professor of Psychology, 1997- 2004                

                  Associate Professor of Psychology, 1990-1997

                  Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1984-1990


    Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN 47907-1350

                     Department of Plant Pathology                

                                    Biochemical Laboratory Technician, 1982-


                                    Supervisor: R. L. Nicholson, Ph.D.

Department of Psychological Sciences

Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant, 1978-1982

                                    Supervisor: E.D. Capaldi, Ph.D.


Professional Memberships :

                  American Psychological Association, 1977-2004

                  American Psychological Society, 1988-2004

                  Eastern Psychological Association, 1988-2004

                  New England Psychological Association, 1987-2004

                                    Program Screening Committee, 1996

                                    Nominated Steering Committee, 1993, 1999,


                  Mathematical Association of America, 1995-1998


 Honors and Awards :

                  Phi Kappa Phi, 1987-2004

                  Psi Chi, 1989-2004

Outstanding Advisor, 1992

                  Outstanding   KSC Advisor of the Year , Nominated

Spring 1996


Publications :

Capaldi, E. D., Viveiros, D. M., and Campbell, D. H. (1983). Food as

a contextual cue in counterconditioning experiments: Is there a counterconditioning process? Animal Learning and Behavior , 11, 213-222

Capaldi, E. D., Viveiros, D. M., and Davidson, T. L. (1981).

Deprivation stimulus intensity and incentive factors in the control of instrumental responding. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes , 7, 140-149.


Capaldi, E. D., Sheffer, J. D., Viveiros, D. M., Davidson, T. L., and

Campbell, D. H. (1985). Shock preexposure and the reduced effectiveness of shock. Learning and Motivation , 16, 357-380.


Nicholson, R. L., Bergeson, G. B., Dejenarro, F. B., and Viveiros,

D.M. (1985). Singly and combined effects of the lesion nematodesand collitotricum graminicola on growth and anthracnose leaf blight of corn. Phytopathology , 75, 654-661.


Viveiros, D. M. and Tondat, L. M. (1978). Effects of sodium nitrite on

DRL performance in the rat. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior , 8, 125-127.


Selected Presentations :

Roy, S, and Viveiros, D. M. (2003).Arousal Predisposition Scale

(APS) Performance Predictions of GSR, Stress and GPA. Paper presented at the 15th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Society, Atlanta, GA. (May, 2003)


Viveiros, D. M., Effley, D., Fillion, K., Grelle, J., Malia, D., and Owren,

K. (1997). Audience recognition memory for neutral, negative and positive facts as a function of presentation tone. Paper presented at the 68th meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Washington, DC. (April, 1997)


Packard, A. L., Viveiros, D. M., and Holmes, G. A. (1996)   Cognitive

styles and the use of a computer assisted environment to instruct basic research and statistical concepts. Paper presented at   the 68th meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Washington, DC.(April, 1997).


Packard, A. L., Viveiros, D. M., and Holmes, G. A. (1996). Action

Research of computer-assisted-remediation of basic research concepts. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association for the Spring 1997 conference in Chicago. IL. (March,1997)

Packard, A. L., Holmes,G.A., and Viveiros, D. M. (1996).

Incorporating individual learning styles into computer assisted environments for instructing basic research and statistical concepts. Paper presented at the Eastern Educational Research Association conference, Hilton Head, SC. (February, 1997)


Viveiros, D. M., Newton, J., and Winakor, L. (1996) Differential

processing of pictures and words in a semantic priming task. Paper presented at the 36th meeting of the New England Psychological Association, New London, CT. (October 1996)


Viveiros, D. M., Winakor, L. and Newton J. (1996) Within- and cross-

modality priming for pictures and words. Paper presented at the meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Philadelphia, PA. (March, 1996)    


Viveiros, D. M. (1989). The role of context priming in the attenuation of

neophobia. Paper presented at the 29th annual meeting of the New England Psychological Association, Framingham State College (October,1989).

Davidson, T. L., Capaldi, E. D., and Viveiros, D. M. (1981). The role

of deprivation stimulus intensity and incentive factors in instrumental behavior. Paper presented at the meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Detroit Michigan.


Tondat, L. M., Silva, N. M., and Viveiros D. M. (1977). Behavioral

changes in rats followingsodium nitrite treatment. Paper presented at the Convention of the Psychonomic Society,Washington, D.C.


Viveiros, D. M. (1987). The role of context-priming in the attenuation

of neophobia. Doctoral Thesis, Purdue University, August, 1987.


Viveiros, D. M. (1979). The control group definition of hunger and

thirst drives. M.S. Thesis, Purdue University, May 1979 .


Selected Collaborative Projects with Students and other Faculty, Unpublished or Currently in Progress :


Pyc, M., Walker, E., Menees, S.M., and Viveiros, D. M. (current) Visual

evoked potentials with various visual illusions. Research in Progress.


Viveiros, D. M. (Spring 2004) Latent inhibition learning in Limax

Maximus . Research in Progress.


Rabideau, J. and Viveiros, D. M. (2001) Removal of blocking by use

of cooling induced retrograde amnesia in Limax Flavus . Unpublished Manuscript.


Rabideau, J. and Viveiros, D.M. (2000) Huddling behavior of Limax

Maximus under various humidity conditions. Unpublished Manuscript .

Viveiros, D.M. (1999) Hemispheric priming of pictorial and verbal

stimuli. Unpublished Manuscript.


Bailey, K.R., and Viveiros, D.M. (1998) Distrctibility and time of day

influences in inhibitory  memory processes. Unpublished Manuscript.


Viveiros, D. M., Primrose, K, Austin, C.S. (1997). Mood-congruent

recognition and recall for videotaped presentations of positive and negative information. Unpublished Manuscript.            


 Viveiros, D. M., Cushing, A., and Rivard, J. (1997). Student attitudes

toward recycling and conservation. Unpublished Manuuscript.


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