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2004 Grant Recipients and Projects

Faculty Grant Recipient: Dr. Sue Castriotta / Computer Science
Project: Redesign of CS 102:Technology in Teaching

The revised course will provide a project-based instruction model that pre-service teachers can implement in their classroom placements. The course will highlight technology as an instructional tool and as a tool for personal productivity. An age- appropriate theme will be used for all technical instructional activities. What makes this project appealing is the fit between both Computer Science and ESEC department goals. With the restructuring of the ESEC curriculum and probable increased focus on skill standards for admission to teacher education, this course would impact most pre-service teachers.

Faculty Grant Recipient: Dr. Tom Bassarear / Education
Project: Using Technology to Serve Mathematics Education Students More Effectively

The project outcome would affect Math 171/Math 172 and Math Methods. Through the web and presentation software student in Math 171/172 would have access to video clips from local classrooms to demonstrate techniques and student response to mathematical presentations. Technology would bring images, interactive tutorials and links to resources instantly to pre-service teachers. Education Methods students would have a web page leading to selected quality resources including sample lesson plans, information about appropriate manipulatives and links to nationwide Mathematical support organizations.

Faculty Grant Recipient: Dr.Klaus Bayr / Geography
Project: Teaching Glacial Studies using Technology for 3-Dimensional Modeling

This project provides an enhancement to several Geography courses, GEOG 323/325/327/204 that will be created through the use of computer hardware and software. The technology will allow accurate data collection to show 3-D modeling and engage students in constructing 3-D models. Students will have the opportunity to present and analyze graphics created by the software. Students will be collecting and receiving data from NASA which should enhance their resume as they leave the college.

Faculty Grant Recipient: Dr.Yuan Pan / Graphic Design
Project: Development of Presentational Tool for Teaching & Learning

This project creates an easy to use tool for faculty and student presentation of images, video and audio, also text. Persons using the tool would not have to work with sophisticated software. They would simply change or replace multimedia documents. Although the tool will appeal to faculty and students who work in the fine and graphics arts, it could be used by anyone who has media intensive web sites or uses slideshow presentations. Students involved in this creative process will have an opportunity to enhance their professional skills.

2006 grant recipients and projects
2005 grant recipients and projects