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2005 Grant Recipients and Projects

Faculty Grant Recipient: Dr. Klaus Bayr / Geography
Project: Teaching with Computer Technology (Geomatica software) and producing
3-D models

At the present time student learning takes place through traditional/conventional methods of introducing satellite imagery through lectures and only on a limited basis with the Geomatica software. With more licenses and the full implementation of the grant, more students will not only collect data in the Keene area, but also process the data in the classroom using the program Geomatica Orthoengine. The students will acquire important knowledge of how to collect data properly and use Geomatica Orthoengine software to produce a 3-D image of their study area. These students will come away from this experience with skills that will make them more marketable.

Faculty Grant Recipient: Dr. Tom Cook / Film
Project: 3D Animation Research and Development

As computer animation becomes more and more integrated into motion picture and television production and post-production, to remain competitive our students require experience and backgrounds in this increasingly-utilized area of professional media production. The integration of 3D Animation into Film curriculum will help make student graduates more competitive as they will finally be familiar with technology and professional applications prevalent in the Film industry. In their efforts to acquire that first post-graduation position, their portfolios and demo reels with be flashier, eye-grabbing, and appropriately professional to demonstrate their abilities – and once acquiring that position, our students won't require on-the-job training to bring them up-to-speed with contemporary technology.

Faculty Grant Recipient: Michael Hanrahan / Computer Science
Project: Facilitating Service-Learning: Implementingand Hosting a KSC Service-Learning Database and Web Page

The database and web page will serve faculty, students, and community partners currently involved in service learning, as well as potential faculty and community agencies who are seeking information on how to implement service learning in their courses. Currently, 25 faculty, over 250 students (roughly 7% of the faculty and 5% of the students) and approximately 25 agencies are involved in service learning, but by adding a database and web page, the numbers reached could grow significantly. An expanded audience will include anyone using the web to seek information on service-learning activities at Keene State College. In addition, the creation and maintenance of the database and web pages will involve students participating in computer science service learning projects in courses such as CS150 Web Page Construction, CS340 Internet programming, CS360 Database Management, CS362 SQL, CS410 and CS420 Advanced Programming I and II , or CS498 Independent Study.

Faculty Grant Recipient: Dr. Larry Welkowitz / Psychology
Project: Academic Weblogging: Podcasting as a Classroom Tool

Students in psychology classes, including Abnormal Psychology, Personality Theory, Clinical Psychology, and Seminar in Applied Psychology will be impacted by this grant. Students will benefit by 1) exposure to innovative internet-based technology and 2) more active engagement with academic material both in and out of class. Students will learn how to create more advanced presentations of their independent work via production of topic-relevant podcasts and will learn to make positive contributions to the field by becoming critical analyzers of psychology topics via the process of weblogging. Their work will not only be scrutinized by fellow classmates and their professor, but by a larger community of interested individuals.

Faculty Grant Recipient: Dr.Tom McGuire / Education
Project: "What do you See"?

ESEC Faculty will work in a collaborative model to design instructive videos, observational videos and other videos that are used to illustrate the theoretical base so essential in providing a strong introduction to teaching. Our faculty and students will hone their pedagogical and observational skills by seeing other teachers, students, and classrooms in action, thus heightening their awareness, understanding and seeing the deepest implications of the theories and methods they are teaching while having an opportunity to work within the complex practices of student and program assessments.

2006 grant recipients and projects
2004 grant recipients and projects