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2006 Grant Recipients and Projects

Faculty Grant Recipient: Drs. Pru Cuper and Yi Gong / Education
Project: IT-Enhanced Teacher Preparation: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice for Pre-service Teachers

As teachers and leaders within the ESEC Methods team, we will produce video segments of our pre-service teachers and their cooperating teachers to enhance the Methods learning experience. The video segments will focus on areas of teacher education that are presently addressed through theoretical readings and sharing of field stories but are not, due to time and logistical restraints, experienced "first hand" by our students. The video segments will be carefully selected and edited to address those areas of teacher education that have been identified both by our students (through longitudinal data collection) and by researchers across the country as areas that require additional attention. Topics will include: 1) differentiating instruction for diverse learners; 2) time management; 3) determining the effects of teaching on student learning; and 4) behavioral management considerations.

Faculty Grant Recipient: Dr. Yuan Pan / Graphic Design
Project: Stereo Visualization Projection System Development

A good understanding of spatial relationships is a fundamental and essential requirement of the earth sciences, sculpture choreography, theatre, and many other arts and sciences studies. Traditional teaching methods have strongly relied on the 2D representations through maps, diagrams, photography, and illustrations that are occasionally augmented by physical models. Although most scientists and artists have been trained to understand the 3D structure for such presentations, the extrapolation requires spatial thinking skills that are difficult to learn and often form a stumbling block for students at the introductory level. The goal of this project is to broaden the use of scientific visualization tools for education and research by the use of low-cost virtual reality devices. The technology used in this project is Geowall.

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