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Andrew Gentes  (BA in History) Andrew is an historian who specializes in Russia and who has written several books on the penal system in Siberia during czarist times.  After  graduating from KSC, he earned a masters degree at University of California/ Riverside, and a PhD at Brown University. For his dissertation, he lived  seven months in Russia, and translated, from Russian Vlas Doroshevich's "Sakhalin" under the title Russia's Penal Colony in the Far East. Since then, he has been working on a trilogy  about the Siberian penal system, of which he has published the first  two volumes:Exile to Siberia 1590 - 1822 and Exile, Murder and Madness in Siberia, 1823-61. He has taught at several universities, including the University of Queensland (Australia). Presently he is at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.

William Marvel (BA in History) Bill is a free lance history writer,  focusing on the Civil War.  He is one of the nation's leading Lincoln scholars. Bill’s passion for Civil War studies is evident  in his impressive body of work, which includes, in addition to several articles, at least ten books:

 The First New Hampshire Battery: Eighteen Sixty One to Eighteen Sixty-Five (1985)

Race of the Soil: The Ninth New Hampshire Regiment in the Civil War (1988)

Andersonville (2006)

Lee’s Last Retreat

A Place Called Appomattox

The Alabama and the Kearsarge: The Sailor’s Civil War (2007)

Mr Lincoln Goes to War (2007)

Lincoln’s Darkest Year: The War in 1862

The Great Task Remaining: The Third Year of Mr Lincoln’s War (2010)

Bill has been recognized as a leading scholar on the Civil War and has been awarded the prestigious Lincoln Prize by Gettysburg College and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and the Douglas Southhall Freeman Award for Scholarship.

Jim Allen (BA in History. Class of '92) is the Interim Library Director for Hartness Library System that serves the Community College of Vermont and Vermont Technical College. He earned a Masters of Library and Information Studies degree from the University of Rhode Island in 1998.


Brian D. Carroll (BA in History. Class of '93) graduated Cum Laude, Phi Alpha Theta. He worked in public history throughout the 1990s for institutions like Strawbery Banke, Old Sturbridge Village, Historic New England and the Old York Historical Society. He received his Ph.D. in American History from the University of Connecticut in 2009, worked briefly as a visiting assistant professor at Salem State College and as lecturer at UCONN. He was hired as an assistant professor of history by Central Washington University in June of 2010 and now resides in Ellensburg, Washington. Brian's dissertation title was "From Warrior to Soldier: New England Indians in the Colonial Military, 1689-1763."

Nicholas Germana (BA in History. Class of ' 97) earned his Ph.D. in history from Boston College and is now an assistant professor of History at Keene State College.

Alex Parsons (BA in History. Class of '98) graduated Yale Law School and is a public defender in New Hampshire.

Dennis Stupka (BA in History. Class of '04) is a Vocational Specialist at the Clara Martin Center in Randolph, Vermont, a non-profit organization which offers mental health and substance abuse services.

Cate Brennan (BA in History. Class of '05) is a graduate student in the History Department at the University of Maryland. Her areas of concentration include gender, sexuality, and religion in Early America.  Cate currently works as a teaching assistant for Women in Western Europe, 1750-present.

Benjamin Pelletier (BA in History. Class of '05) earned his Master's Degree in History in 2007 from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He now resides in Maine where he teaches seventh grade social studies while earning his teacher certification from the University of Southern Maine. 

Ben Wheeler (BA in History. Class of '05) Took a year off for travel (Summer 2005 General Manager Moxie Outdoor Adventure). Fall 2005 21 day 250 mile private white water rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Spring 2006 9 day 110 mile private white water rafting trip down San Juan River in Utah. Spring 2006 accepted into UNH master Public Administration Program full scholarship and assistantship. Summer 2006 General Manager Moxie Outdoor Adventure. Ben is currently the membership coordinator and development officer for the Strawbery Banke Museum.

Mark Metevier (BA in History. class of '06) is the Operations Specialist in charge of the Student Center at Brandeis University.

Christopher Cameron. (BA in History. Class of '06) is an Assistant Professor of History at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. He received his MA and PhD in American History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Christopher's research and teaching interests include early American history, the history of slavery and abolition, and American religious and intellectual history. His first book is entitled "To Plead Our Own Cause: African Americans in Massachusetts and the Making of the Antislavery Movement" and explores the influence of Puritan religious ideas on black political ideology and the impact that African Americans in Massachusetts had on the development of the larger northern antislavery movement. His article, “The Puritan Origins of Black Abolitionism in Massachusetts,” recently appeared in the Historical Journal of Massachusetts 39(Summer 2011): 79-107.


Christopher Hunt (BA in History. Class of '07) graduated Western New England College School of Law in May 2010 and passed the CT bar exam in the summer of 2010. (BA in Hisory, Class of '08, Senior Class President) teaches 4th year social studies at Nashua High School North.

Julie Henry (BA in Hisory, Class of '08, Senior Class President) teaches 4th year social studies at Nashua High School North.

Emma Fogg  (BA in History. Class of '08) was awarded an internship for the fall 2008 at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.. This internship is with Katherine Ott in the division of Medicine and Science. Emma will work on topics and artifacts related to the history of disability. The main project is an exhibit on the history of disability that is planned for 2010, the twentieth anniversary of the ADA.

Laura Markiewicz (BA in History, class of '08) earned a Masters of Library and Information Studies from McGill University in 2012. Her areas of specialization include knowledge management and archival studies.

Norman Murray (BA in History. Class of '09) attends Law School at Suffolk University.  Norman was awarded a full scholarship from Suffolk University.