I'm a very curious person and I like adventure. I've been addicted to a number of hobbies, and in addition to the interests you see below, I've also been involved with trapshooting, target archery, motorcycling and windsurfing, among a number of other activities. I also enjoy the arts, especially literature and theater. But most of all I love music, and recently was able to fulfill a childhood dream by playing lead guitar for a classic rock, cover band. I also indulge in the culinary arts, and you can regularly find me in the kitchen making a Thai or Vietnamese meal, or perhaps out on the deck grilling venison.

I am the faculty advisor for the KSC Historical Fencing Club. Historical Fencing is more of a martial art than the style of fencing you see in the Olympics. We use replica rapiers which more accurately reflect the realities of using a sword for self-defense. The picture was taken during a demonstration. We do wear masks and other safety equipment when we fence for real. (Click on the photo to see a larger image.)


I started hang gliding a few years ago. That's me (top left) coming in for a landing at a flight park in Florida. I've stayed up for over two hours on rising currents of warm air (thermals), and have climbed to over 7000 feet after being dropped off by the tow plane at 1500 feet. (Click on the photo to see a larger image.)

I used to ride dirt bikes when I was a kid, bought a 'naked street-fighter' (high performance urban motorcycle) when I turned 40, but now spend more time on 4 hooves than on two wheels. This is my horse, Ronin, a quarter horse/draft cross. Despite the name, he's actually a well-behaved horse (although he does have his moments). He stands 16.3 hands and weighs a little over 1300 pounds. That's a good size horse, and certainly big enough for an relatively new rider like me.


I've been hunting since I was 12, but didn't really become a hunter (by my definition) until I started bowhunting when I was in graduate school. I arrowed this eight-point buck in West Virginia about a decade ago. I've harvested more than 50 deer with a bow in all, and I've also taken two elk, a turkey and a wild boar with a stick and string.