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Charles Darwin

Darwin Correspondence

Writings of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin home    Down House

HMS Beagle

Evolution concepts

National Center for Science Education

Understanding Evolution

Evolution   WGBH

Evolution    AOL


Evolution of Birds


Dinosaurs:  Facts and Fiction

Winged Dinosaurs  fossil remains found in China


Anti Evolution

Kansas Creationism Debate takes Criminal Turn


Creationism and Inteligent Design

Vatican Astronomer says Intelligent Design Not Science

History of Evolution Concepts

Erasmus Darwin

James Hutton    Geology

James Hutton    Theology and geology

Charles Lyell

Carl Linnaeus

Thomas Malthus

Lynn Margulis    Symbiogenesis

Thomas Henry Huxley

Alfred Russel Wallace

History of Evolution


Geology and the Fossil Record

Fossil Redord of Life

Cenozoiz Era

Mesozoic Era

Paleozoic Era

Museum of Natural History    Amherst College

Paleontological Society

Invertebrate Paleontology

Toumai    Human Ancestor

When Plants Conquered Land    BBC

USGS Index Fossils



Trilobite Extinction


Evolution outreach