Patricia Pedroza is a Mexican feminist educator. She was invited by Keene State College as visiting teacher in August 1999. Currently she is a Contract Lecture in Multicultural Studies who teaches Spanish and Women's Studies focusing on Latin American, Latina/Chicana perspective on feminism.
Image. Patricia Pedroza.She has a master's degree from the School for International Training in Vermont and has worked as coordinator and educator in two important feminist organizations in Mexico : CIDHAL, A.C. – Cuernavaca , Morelos and CICAM, A.C, in Mexico City . She was Spanish teacher in Universal Language Center in Cuernavaca Morelos during 10 years before coming to the USA . She has presented feminist workshops and performances in Argentina , Guatemala , Brazil , Cuba and the United States . She teaches from Elementary Spanish to Advanced Spanish, Composition Spanish classes and issues around Latino population in the USA . Patricia has crossed the borders of education between the academic world and the world of the artist through the creation of her own performance pieces with focus on global feminism, spirituality, sexuality, gender perspectives and language culture issues. Currently she is doctoral student in Union Institute and University in Cincinnati , OH . Her research subject is the relationship among Chicana feminism and feminist pedagogy. Her study concentration is the teaching of the Borderland Theory created by the Chicana Gloria Anzaldua and the concept of Methodology of the Oppressed and Differential Consciousness created by the Chicana Chela Sandoval.