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I'm not Hitchcock, but I do occasionally suffer from existential "Vertigo".

This drove me to write a book on existential themes in the films of:

Woody Allen.

As an Professor of Philosophy at Keene State College (in Keene, NH, USA), I spend most of my time teaching or working in service to the College. I do get to do some research; I'm also involved with a number of professional societies including The Society for the Philosophical Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts , The Conference of Philosophical Societies, The American and International Societies for Value Inquiry, and The Society for the Philosophic Study of Genocide and the Holocaust. I am a consulting editor for The Journal of Value Inquiry, The Value Inquiry Book Series, and Film and Philosophy.. I also enjoy some recreational activities. There are several ways that you can contact me.


Sartre & Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir & Jean-Paul Sartre

Image of Woody

My research interests include the philosophical analyses of film and television. I have written a book titled:

Eighteen Woody Allen Films Analyzed: Anguish, God and Existentialism

published by McFarland & Co., Inc., Publishers, Box 611, Jefferson, NC 28640, (800) 253-2187 and is available from online booksellers such as Amazon. This is an abridged, paperback edition of my earlier book Woody Allen’s Angst: Philosophical Commentaries on his Serious Films.

If you would like to have me e-mail you a sample or if you wish more information, feel free to contact me by e-mail below.

I also guest-edited an issue of the journal Film and Philosophy on Woody Allen.

It is available in the Mason Library at Keene State or by contacting me.

I am particularly interested in:


Film and Video Aesthetics, Ethics and Applied Ethics, Holocaust & Genocide Studies, Metaphysics,

Phenomenology and Existentialism, Philosophy of Law, Social and Political Philosophy,

Philosophy of the World’s Religions


Contemporary Analytic Philosophy, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Epistemology, Logic, Modern Philosophy, Nineteenth-Century Philosophy, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of the Social Sciences.

This research has lead to a number of other publications including including one other book, "Inquiries into Values" (as editor and contributor), numerous articles, book reviews, and other brief publications.

In 2006, I was honored to receive a Keene State College Faculty Award for Distinction in Research and Scholarship.

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I teach courses in the Philosophy and Communication Programs here at KSC, regularly including:

Courses I teach on a regular basis:

IHPHIL 100 Logical Argumentation, IHPHIL 220 Ethics, IIPHIL 310 Existentialism & Love, PHIL 231 Comparative Religion, PHIL 306: Existentialism, PHIL 308 Contemporary Philosophy, PHIL 313 Philosophy and the Holocaust, PHIL 350 Aesthetics, PHIL 360 Philosophy of Law, PHIL 390 Philosophical Masters: Sartre,  PHIL 406 Existentialism and Film.

I also teach advanced "Special Topics" courses on issues such as "Star Wars and Philosophy," "Television and Philosophy,"

& "Philosophical Themes in the Films of Woody Allen"

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I have served the College and the community in several areas. I’m currently Co-coordinator (with Therese Seibert) of Holocaust Studies program. I also serve (with Allyson Mount) as Co-chair of the Integrated Studies Ethics Roundtable. Other activites include the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Council and the Communication Department Curricular Committee which recently redesigned the Communication major (including the Philosophy Option) to a 4 credit program.