Ellen L. Nuffer, Ed.D.

Professor of Education


My teaching philosophy centers around the importance of active engagement in learning.  I expect that students will be involved in multiple activities that will help them apply what they are reading in their texts and learning in classroom presentations.  I often utilize a multiple drafts approach to writing assignments which enables me to provide feedback to students and allows them to advance their learning and improve their understanding.


These are the courses that I regularly teach:

  • ITW - Thinking and Writing - The Little Red Schoolhouse
  • EDUC 100 - Issues in Education
  • EDSP 202 - Development, Exceptionality, Learning
  • EDUC 670/675/680 - Research Foundations and Design in Education
  • EDUCCI 645 - Assessment and Evaluation in the Schools
  • EDUCCI 641 - Applied Learning Theory
  • EDUC 641 - School Law

Here is a link to the course descriptions:

Education Course Descriptions

Thinking and Writing Course Descriptions


Here is a short video clip (it opens in YouTube) that illustrates principles of child development with a seven and a four year old.

Piagetian Conservation Tasks


French Video




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