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Interdisciplinary Multi-grade Science Curriculum:
IPM as a base for teaching in elementary, middle, and secondary school science

Three Keene State College undergraduate students, all studying to become teachers, and two college faculty members (see about authors) have developed a multi-grade interdisciplinary curriculum based on integrated pest management (IPM) practices as demonstrated by Charles and Joan Pratt, owners of Apple Annie’s in Brentwood, NH, through their orchard and through school programs they have conducted. This project has received funding from the Keene State College Undergraduate Research Grants Program, and from the State of New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food, Division of Pesticide Control IPM Grant program. We are grateful for the financial support that has brought this project to fruition and established this website curriculum resource.

The three students, Sara Davis, Nate Ware, and Bryanna Silva, spent the summer of 2003 visiting the orchard in order to learn about the integrated pest management techniques used by the Pratts. They observed school groups visiting, photographed the orchard at various stages, learned about the various insect pests, and enjoyed fresh apples! In addition, they researched IPM, national science standards, state curriculum frameworks, and science curriculum approaches. The faculty members, Dr. Susan Whittemore, Biology, and Dr. Dottie Bauer, Education, supervised the project, and made two visits to the orchard as well. The results of our curriculum work are here for your use. We appreciate any feedback from you (contact us).

This work was supported by the IPM Grant Program of the NH State Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food: Division of Pesticide Control and Keene State College's Undergraduate Research Grant Program.

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