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Klaus J. Bayr
Department of Geography



Atlas of New Hampshire. 2004. An atlas for fourth graders.


“Consideration of the errors inherent in Mapping historical glacier positions in Austria from the ground ands space (1893-2001), Remote Sensing of Environment co-author with Dorothy K. Hall, Wolfgang Schöner, Robert Bindschadler, and Janet Y.L. Chien , 2003, 86: 566-577.


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“Description of Snow Measurements:   January 24 through March 7, 2002,”

Prepared for NASA with Rachel Bailey, James Simard, and Brian Webster.


“Changes of the Pasterze Glacier, Austria, as measured from the ground and space,” Proceedings of the Eastern Snow Conference, Ottawa, Ontario,Canada, co-author with D.K. Hall, R.A. Binschadler, and Wolfgang Schöner, 14-17 May 2001, 187-193.


“Description of Snow Measurements:   December 23, 2000 through April 14, 2001,” Prepared for NASA with Jason Bean, Valerie Germain, and Sarah Sanborn, 2001.


“Rice Cultivation in Malaysia,” In: Educational Resource Information Center (Eric) # ED 442698, 2000.


“Description of Snow Measurements:   February 25, 2000 through March 6, 2000,” Prepared for NASA with William Abt, 2000.





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"Electronic Atlas of New Hampshire and Vermont," Workshop presented, Association of American Geographers, Charlotte, NC, 1996.




“Changes in the Pasterze Glacier, Austria, as Measured from the Ground and Space” Global Land Ice Monitoring Meeting, College Park, MD, co-author with Dorothy K. Hall, Klaus J. Bayr, Robert A. Bindschadler, and Wolfgang Schöner 2001.


“Snow Measurements in the Keene Area for MODIS/EOS,” NESTVAL Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island, with Sarah Sanborn, 2000.




Chair of Geography Department, 2003 to present.


Manuscript reviewer for New England Studies in Geography , 2003.


Manuscript reviewer for Remote Sensing of Environment, 2003.


Fulbright-Hays Seminar in Malaysia and Singapore, 1999.


Rice Research trip (sabbatical) to Monsoon Asia, 1999



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