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The Arts and Humanities Language Requirement and Placement Test

The minimal requirement for all students with a major in American Studies, Art, Communication, English, Film Studies, History, Journalism, Music, or Theatre and Dance is one course in a foreign language, normally French, Spanish, or German. Students should complete this requirement as early in their college careers as possible. Those with two or more years of recent high school study in French, Spanish, or German must enroll in 102 or above. Those with three or more years of recent high school study should enroll in 201 or above.  

Students may also satisfy the requirement through AP credit - contact the Elliot Center for details. For information about satisfying the requirement through College Level Equivalent Proficiency tests, visit CLEP tests must be taken before you enroll in any college course in the subject where you are taking the test.

Those with near-native fluency should first take the CLEP test in French, Spanish, or German and then consult Modern Languages faculty for appropriate placement.

Students may also fulfill the requirement by study abroad in a non-English speaking country, provided the program has been approved by their major department in consultation with the Global Education Office (GEO).


Students with documented learning disabilities should apply to the Office of Disability Services and then to the Chair of Modern Languages to seek a waiver.