The Center for Safety Innovation and Research


                                                              at Keene State College



The mission of the PSU University Police Department is to assist in creating and maintaining a safe, comfortable environment that enhances and promotes the vital process of higher education. This goal will be an enthusiastic compliment to facilitate campus life that is ever changing and evolving. The foundation in this process is to the students in partnership with faculty and staff and the surrounding towns and communities, also to provide a support group to all entities and to strive for professionalism and foster a closer educational and work environment.  Its outcome is an integral part of the overall success of the educational mission of Plymouth State University. The overall attitude and feeling of the campus directly affects the atmosphere of individual growth and accomplishment that is the soul of Plymouth State University's educational endeavor. The extent to which we positively affect this endeavor for the accountability, trust, loyalty and hard work is the extent to which we succeed at our mission.


Plymouth Police Department

334 Main Street

Plymouth, NH  03264


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