Image-Department of Chemistry Facilities


The chemistry facilities are located on the second floor of the Science center on Apian Way at the center of the Keene State College campus. This building houses the instructional laboratories and classrooms as well as the offices and research laboratories of the chemistry faculty. It also houses the departments of biology, computer science, environmental science, geology and physics.

In August, 2004 the college completed a $23 million science center construction renovation project. This project completely renovated 58,000 square feet and added 38,000 square feet of new facilities closing in the U-shaped building with an open-air courtyard centerpiece that replicates geological and biological landscapes of New Hampshire and is used for both esthetic and teaching purposes. Included are new spaces for some of our major instruments including our new Atomic Absorption, Fourier Transform Infra-Red, VIS-UV and gas chromatographic-mass spectrometer (GCMS) spectrophotometers as well as our Fourier Transform NMR spectrometer, single crystal X-ray diffractometer, and photo physical equipment. A computer room for upper level computational activities as well as additional spaces for undergraduate research and independent study projects has also been added.

Major items of equipment in the Chemistry Department used by chemistry students now include: Dell microcomputers, a JEOL 270 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer (super conducting magnetic multinuclear capability), a Shimadzu 6800 fully automated double beam Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, a Shimadzu high pressure liquid chromatograph (HPLC), a Shimadzu gas chromatograph-mass spectrophotometer (GCMS) with an advanced data station; a Varian Cary 300 Visible-Ultraviolet (VIS-UV) spectrophotometer, two Perkin Elmer Paragon 1000 Fourier-transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometers, a Perkin Elmer LS 50 luminescence spectrophotometer,, a Rigaku AFCS single crystal autodiffractometer, a nitrogen dye laser and a Helium-Cadnium laser.

If you wish to visit the laboratories, any member of the Department will be able to talk with you and show you the facilities. All instrumentation and other specialized apparatus are readily available for student use both in scheduled laboratory work and in independent research projects. Inquire at the Science Division office or with the Department Chair for specific information. The Department welcomes inquires from interested students, either by mail or in person.