I teach a variety of classes at Keene State College for journalism and communication students, a few of which are also part of the college's general education program. I teach the following courses on a regular basis. 


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INTRODUCTION TO MASS MEDIA— This course is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the relationship between the citizen and mass media information sources. Students analyze the media from historical, technical, cultural, economic and political viewpoints and are encouraged to think critically about the mass media. The class is presented in a lecture/discussion/presentation format, with writing and individual student participation as important components of the class. (See KSC Catalog)

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MEDIA ETHICS—Journalists and other mass communicators play a crucial role in our society. This role frequently forces them to deal with a variety of ethical dilemmas—dilemmas that sometimes hinder the good they can do. Journalists, in particular, must have a method to resolve ethical dilemmas, and this course is designed to help future journalists develop an ethical and logically defensible decision making process so that they might better resolve the dilemmas they will inevitably face as mass communicators. This is a lecture\discussion course, with both individual student participation and writing as important components. (See KSC Catalog)

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FEATURE WRITING—This course covers the fundamentals of writing feature stories for newspapers and magazines. It is a “hands-on” class. No tests! Students write, read good writing, write, talk about writing, and then write some more. (See KSC Catalog)

JOURNALISM RESEARCH METHODS—This course is devoted to the art and science of information gathering and visual communication for journalists via the web and library databases, as well as the presentation of collected data in its finished form in print and/or the web. Students learn the fundamentals of graphic design, photo journalism, and web design, as well as how to use the technology behind these skills.  (See KSC Catalog)