Redfern Arts Center

The Redfern Arts Center on Brickyard Pond at Keene State College houses the Theatre, Dance, Music and Art programs.  The multi-million dollar facility is a multi-use complex, boasting three major performance spaces. 

Main Theatre

The Main Theatre is a 600-seat performance space with a full size stage. It features complete counterweighted rigging and a computerized lighting control system.

Wright Theatre

The smaller Wright Theatre, which can seat up to 120, adjoins the Main Theatre and can be opened up to form a part of the Main Theatre performance space. The Wright Theatre can be set up in virtually any configuration that the imagination can devise.

Lighting Control and Equipment for the Wright Theatre (Adobe Acrobart Reader file)
Sound Facilities and Equipment (Adobe Acrobart Reader file)
Draperies in the Wright Theatre (Adobe Acrobart Reader file)


The large and fully equipped scene shop can accommodate any stage set that fits on the Main Theatre stage, and the costume shop houses both costume construction and a storage area for an extensive theatrical costume collection.

The Sceneshop is an excellent facility that exceeds the capacity of most professional theatres. Scenery and props for over a hundred fully produced K.S.C. Theatre and Dance department plays, musicals, and dance concerts have been meticulously created within these walls. The layout of the shop has been reorganized over the years to create new and efficient work and storage spaces. The 28’ x 65’ shop floor allows for the creation of complex full-scale scenery. The 14’ x 30’ sceneshop tool room holds updated and maintained hand and power tools, hardware and stock lumber. Carpentry, rigging, props construction, scenic painting, mask making, as well as technical theatre and design classroom work all take place in the sceneshop. Huge shop doors afford easy load-in access to the Redfern Arts Center Mainstage and Wright Theatre (Black Box).

Students learn the detailed crafts of scenery execution directly with faculty in technical theatre labs. There are also as many as a dozen Work Study/Student Hourly positions in carpentry, electrics, props, and scenic painting (four positions also exist in costumes/wardrobe). There is also an opportunity for advanced students to become a student Assistant Technical Director.

Safety is a prime concern in the shop for all students, faculty and staff. All stationary saws have direct dust collection systems. The shop is also equipped with an air evacuation system.

The Theater and Dance department maintain our “Proctor Barn”, a 2000 square foot stock scenery/props storage facility that is located on-campus.

Theatre and Dance Department Sceneshop Inventories (Adobe Acrobart Reader file)


The Keene State College campus has three diverse studios for dance classes. The Mabel Brown Room is at the heart of the Young Student Center and provides an expansive classroom space with a raised stage. The Aerobics Studio in the Recreation Center is the newest of the three studio spaces and provides a great classroom with a wall of windows. The dance studio in the Redfern Arts Center is perfect for small classes and is used constantly for student rehearsals.

Additional Facilities

Additional facilities include, a fully equipped dance studio, a 360-seat Recital Hall and a 150-seat film screening and slide lecture room. Our state-of–the-art classroom and performance facilities have helped make Keene State the proud host of numerous American College Theatre Festivals and American College Dance Festivals.