Keene State College  

2006 Ann Britt Waling Award
Meagan Danforth , 2006 Recipient
by Dr. Sara Hottinger, Spring Honors Convocation

This year's Ann Britt Waling Award for excellence in Women's Studies goes to Meagan Danforth. I met Meagan last August on the first day of Feminist Theory. It was apparent to me from the beginning that Meagan would challenge me as an instructor to clarify both my own thinking and the way I presented the theoretical material to my students. As those of us who teach know, students like Meagan are a pleasure to have in class.

Meagan's scholarly acumen is enhanced by her commitment to social justice activism. I have heard Meagan call herself a cynic on many occasions; she has expressed doubt about her ability to change the world. Yet during Image.her time here at Keene State , Meagan has been a member of Circle K, the on-campus volunteer club. She has served as a volunteer at the Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention, where she worked on the emergency hotline available to women who have survived domestic abuse or rape. Meagan's participation in this year's Vagina Monologues helped to raise over $4000 for the Center for Violence Prevention.

Meagan's most recent effort to bridge scholarship with her commitment to social justice has been her Women's Studies capstone project. While working closely with Linda's Closet, an organization here in Keene committed to provided clothing to women who are transitioning into the workforce, she has analyzed the feminist politics and privileges of women's volunteer organizations in an effort to understand how effective those organizations are in the pursuit of social justice. During this past semester I have seen Meagan grow from a sharp and critical theory student into an analytical and creative feminist theorist. It is with great pleasure that I present this award for excellence in Women's Studies to Meagan Danforth.

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