Keene State College  

“…As someone who always considered myself a feminist, I didn’t know the half of it until completing a women’s studies course. I was awakened by how much I didn’t know. It goes way beyond female body image. The amount of suppression by patriarchal systems on women, and constant cutbacks of women’s rights in our own country and all over the world was disturbing. I believe if [we do] not pay attention and learn about these issues, women’s and other civil rights will continue to diminish. Learning how hard women have fought for their rights in the past inspired me to join the March for Women’s Lives in Washington, DC. I have never been so moved by a required Algebra or History class. If I was compelled to take action, I believe others would be too. Until we learn to love ourselves and respect each other with equality on all levels I have little hope for future generations…”

Excerpt from “This I Believe” -- a reflective essay written by a student in Professor Ali Lichtenstein’s women’s studies course.

Selections from course evaluations:
“Great class! I loved the professors, the material, the theory, the meaning, the importance. It's changed my life and made me more prepared to fight the cause in the name of feminism!"

“I found myself thinking about a lot of the topics outside of class. I feel that this class opened my eyes and gave me [new] knowledge.”