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Marc Ryan

Back in the Day

WPIX Newsletter, December 1981

Weekend assignment Producer for the

Independent News Network, a news program produced by the Tribune owned WPIX-TV for independent stations across the country.

Summer, 1982: This photo ran in an August 1982 issue of TV Guide for a story about INN. Here, anchorman BillJorgenson pretends he is actually interested in what is going on in the newsroom.

           To the left is Dennis Barbarito, who worked on our   metro show. Yours truly is in the middle.

The perks of the job: A working press credential gives you    the best seat in the place! Between the Knicks,Mets and Yankees, I went to well over a hundred games a year.


WNPB: In 1992, West Virginia Public Television started a new program called "The Legislature Today". I moved from sports to covering state politics and local issues...and loved it.

This was the front page photo for the cover of the Sunday Charleston Gazzette's TV Supplement for January 19,1992.


January, 1992: at the Capitol Building in Charleston, West Virginia while reporting on state politics for the West Virginia Public Television Show

"The Legislature Today".  That's Jay in the white shirt and Ron in the jacket, a great camera crew.

 In the photo below I am interviewing then State Senator and now 

Governor Joe Manchin.


For this assignment, I was doing a story on something revolutionary: computers in the classroom. Here’s the close of the story with two of my interview subjects.


On a slow news day, they will send just about anyone to cover a story. In October of 1980, I did my first piece as an on camera reporter for CNNThe story was a lifestyle piece after an internationally known Doctor spoke at a symposium on cancer prevention.

Was I ever this young?


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