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Video clips from interviews with

professionals in sports media.

Columbus Blue Jackets:

The same week I went to Ohio to speak with Betsy Ross at Game Day, I made the drive up the Interstate to interview Russ Mollohan, the director of broadcasting for the Columbus Blue Jackets, one of the newer teams in the National Hockey League

Years ago, Russ Mollohan and I worked together at ESPN’s SportsCenter. After ESPN, Russell worked for WFAN radio and MSG Television in New York.

  Special thanks to the KSC Adjunct Faculty. A KSC faculty adjunct grant helped me with this trip to Ohio.


Blue Jackets Radio:

The Blue Jackets do not sell the rights to broadcast their games on radio, but manage their radio broadcasts.  So when Russell joined the team, it was his job to build a radio network…no small task!


Cultivating a network:

As Betsy Ross said on the previous page, it’s all about relationships.

For Russell, it isn’t enough to have a radio station air games, the relationship between radio station and the Blue Jackets has to be nurtured, especially in such a crowded marketplace for sports.



 It doesn’t happen overnight. Russell worked part time for ABC Sports for five years before breaking into a full time career.


The growth of the media and, of the sports media has been huge since Russell and I worked together over twenty years ago.


Amber Schulz is a college student interning with the Blue Jackets. In these clips, I hope to demonstrate how both Amber and Russell are yielding benefits from the internship.

Ambient Noise:

Being that we were in Columbus, Ohio, I would have guessed Amber Schulz was an Ohio State student. But Amber Schultz attends Otterbein College. She explained the advantages of attending a smaller school.

 - I asked her during the game...and a goal was scored.

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