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Video clips from interviews with

professionals in sports media....

and two from the vault.


Celtics Media Day:

From October 2006: Before the season, every NBA team invites the local media to the first day of practice. Everyone gets reacquainted and reporters introduce themselves to new players.

Steve Wulf:

Steve Wulf had worked at Sports Illustrated and then TIME Magazine before being a driving force behind the start of ESPN: The Magazine        in 1998. I asked him “What’s the  mission statement of ESPN the Magazine?”.



The two Mikes:

NBA broadcasters Mike Gorman of the Boston Celtics and Mike Breen of the New York Knicks explain the changes in calling a game over the last few years.



Mark Cuban:

After selling his business to Yahoo in 1998 for more than five billion dollars, Mark Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA.

   So when I spotted Mark Cuban at a Knicks game, I thought “This is THE person to ask about new media!” We were pressed for time and the Madison Square Garden sound system was being tested, making things all the more brief. I asked him about the future of gaming and about his portable organizer.




If I am going to be a bit of a showoff here, I should also be honest and admit mistakes.

                  See if you can detect what I did wrong.




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