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Video clips from interviews with

professionals in sports media.

Game Day Communications:


My friend Betsy Ross is President of  Game Day Communications, a public relations firm specializing in sports and entertainment located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Betsy and I met when she joined SportsChannel America to anchor and report for our highlight show, “SportsNightly”. After SportsChannel, Betsy anchored for five years at ESPN. She’s also worked for  NBC News Channel and Cincinnati’s NBC affiliate, WLWT-TV.


One of the ways Game Day serves its clients is to coach young athletes when facing the media.

In March of this year, I traveled to Cincinnati to interview Betsy.

In this first clip, Betsy explains how Game Day Communications helped the University of Cincinnati  athletic department navigate through some rough waters.


  Special thanks to the KSC Adjunct Faculty. A KSC faculty adjunct grant helped me with this trip to Ohio.


Betsy explains the first rule of being a public figure and relating to the media.

Jeff Ruby:

Jeff Ruby is a Cincinnati based restaurateur with establishments in     Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky.

One night, he denied service to a diner and it made national news.     There were so many requests for his time; Jeff Ruby needed help….

not for tips on how to speak before a camera, but to juggle all the interview requests.  Betsy Ross explains the how Jackie Reau,

the Chief Operating Officer of Game Day Communications, ran point.


Women's Golf:

The Duramed Futures Tour is one of the newest clients for Game Day Communications.

Post Game Interviews:

My favorite athletes to interview after a game were hockey players.

You don’t want to go near an NFL player after a loss. Baseball players can run hot and cold. The NBA does a fantastic job educating their players in how to deal with the media and I always enjoyed doing quick post game interviews at Madison Square Garden.

 But my favorites were hockey players. Win or lose, NHL players were always generous with their time and gave intelligent answers.

  I asked Betsy who her favorites are.



When you work in and around the world of sports, you are going to work a lot of nights and weekends. Here, Betsy explains her approach to a career that can be so demanding.


I try to remember to make

"What advice would you like to give my students?"  my last question.

And sure enough, I saved it for my last question for Betsy and John Cappella, a former intern who has been working for Game Day Communications for four years..

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