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Video clips from interviews with

professionals in sports media.


I developed some excellent contacts and friendships during my years in television and asked some of them to share with you a little about what they do. After all, if I can not bring my students to my friends, I can use twenty first century technology to bring my friends to my students.

In the field:

I met Steve Burton of WBZ in 2003 at a Celtics event. When I chanced to meet him again at the first day of Patriots training camp in 2006, he shared for us how exciting covering sports in the Boston market can be.


Mike Matters: 

Back in the day, Mike was my boss in ESPN’s SportsCenter.

In this clip, Mike explains how busy it is behind the scenes 

and how many people are working hard to put a good                                 product on the air.



Media Interest:

We have all heard the question "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

I posed a variation on that chestnut to Jeff Twiss of the Boston Celtics.



Ed Randall and I worked together at both CNN New York and ESPN.

Ed’s covered professional baseball for over thirty years. Here, he

explains the unique nature of hosting a radio show…on Major League Baseball’s web site, making Ed a bitcaster rather than a broadcaster.



Career Advice:

 Bill Graff and I worked together at what used to be SportsChannel America.  For the last several years, Bill has been a senior producer with ESPN and has a lot to do with their NBA coverage.  -Here he tells us what ESPN looks for in an employee.


Mike Gorman has been the play by play man for the Boston Celtics for almost thirty years. I asked him what advice he would give anyone wanting to go into sports broadcasting.


Some of my favorite sportswriters have been kind enough to share with me advice they have for students wanting to get into the business.

But as Michael Smith says, this advice applies for all writing!






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