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"Silence is all we dread.

There's Ransom in a Voice-"

—Emily Dickinson




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Semester Long Res. & Writ. Project (Rev. 9/26)

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How To Change A Post Without Cheating

"How To Mark A Book," by Mortimer Adler

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thinking and writing at keene state college

I teach ITW 101: Thinking and Writing, the new interdisplinary integrative studies course that has replaced English 101 at Keene State. My Thinking and Writing course is called "A Blog of One's Own: Women and Authorship in the Digital Revolution."

Here's a presentation I gave on a technology-infused curriculum for Academic Excellence Week at Keene State in March, 2008: CELTPresentation20080328

For materials and information about the course as I'm currently teaching it in the Spring 2008 semester, see my weblog, T Blog, at http://keeneweb.org/tmendham.

You can learn more about the course as I taught in the Fall 2007 on this page, and at the blog I use for the class in Fall 2007: Tracy's Office at http://itw101.blogspot.com.

You can view my old page for English 101, which I taught until the spring of 2006, here.

Any other instructors or scholars that would like to use or adapt the handouts on this page are welcome to do so.


The resources below may be useful to students taking ITW 101.

Writer's Reference Online resources at DianaHacker.com to accompany your handbook, A Writer's Reference, by Diana Hacker. Information, sample papers, and best of all, lots of online tutorials and quizzes, most of which offer instant feedback.

DianaHacker.com: MLA Documentation

"They Say/I Say" The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing Didn't get the book in time for the first week of class? The publisher's website for the text includes the Introduction chapter, available as a PDF file: Entering the Conversation.

"Watching TV Makes You Smarter" by Steven Johnson

"You've Got Blog" by Rebecca Mead

expert advice

The unedited final words of my former English 101 students:

software and services

You're a student! Of course you can't afford to buy Microsoft Office. But that doesn't  mean I can open those Works and WordPerfect files you're trying to send me, either.

Open Office is a free, open source productivity suite like Microsoft Office. I use it and recommend it.

Mozilla Firefox is a free Web browser that protects you from pop-ups, and--they claim--spyware and viruses. I use it and recommend it.

Use the antivirus and anti-adware software the school provides. This is not something to risk having go wrong with your computer.

Get the free Microsoft Word Viewer 2003 if you have trouble opening my handouts or any other Word, WordPerfect, or Works documents.

  These pages are hosted on the Academic Web Server at Keene State College. Questions or comments? email tmendham@keene.edu.